Number Sales

KQHYA is selling numbers for 2020!  

For just $10, you can reserve a number between 

1-99 for your use at 2020 KQHA shows.  Each number must be assigned to a single horse. Anyone can purchase a number--open, amateur, or youth!  Contact Reagan Dailey at rdailey523@gmail.com to reserve yours!

2020 Let It Ride

We are pleased to bring you the New & Improved Let It Ride Circuit, to be held in Topeka, KS on April 24-26.  Join us for 3 judges, a great new showbill, and lots of fun! Also new this year is the addition of PHBA classes, so please make our palomino friends feel welcome. 

The showbill will be available soon!


Congratulations to Megan Newlon, who was awarded the Youth Sportsmanship Award at our annual meeting!  Congratulations also to all of the exhibitors who earned year-end awards.  If you are interested in earning year-end awards for 2020, make sure BOTH THE EXHIBITOR AND THE OWNER are paid members before you show. The membership form is available on the 

Youth World page.